Bears in different sizes made from various textiles.

Large bear from a Hawaiian shirt.

Cross-stitch UFO.  Finally finished!

Machine Sewing and Hand Stitchery Lessons $15/hour.  2 hour lab format. 

 Memory quilts, or pillows made from recycled clothes.  $10/hour.

Memorial Teddy Bears in different sizes. $25-$75.

Long-arm Quilting.  Base price $.02 a square inch. Custom extra. 

Miscellaneous Mending and Sewing Support. Call for estimate.

Costs are for labor only and do not include the cost of materials which are furnished/reimbursed by client. For more information about material costs, please contact me for a free design consultation. 

Students are allowed to choose their own projects and work on their own machines. If you do not own a machine, or prefer not to bring one, I have a machine available for use.  All other sewing supplies, tools, patterns and materials are the responsibility of the student.

Services Available

 Memorial Teddy Bears and Memory Quilts, Sewing Lessons, Hand Embroidery, Machine quilting,  Repairs and alterations.