New students:  It is normal to feel a little anxious about starting something new. Just be yourself and know that this is a safe place to ask your questions, make mistakes and learn.  I am well known for asking my teachers odd ball questions and expect nothing less of my students. I enjoy the challenge and learn from you when I have to look things up, so don't ever be afraid of asking for help or information.  And yes, I am still taking lessons and learning after a lifetime of sewing. 

What to Bring:

Please bring what basic sewing supplies you have including scissors for fabric, machine with all cords, feet and manual, extra needles for your machine, pins and a measuring tape and a seam ripper. Thread and bobbins.  If you know what you want to make, bring your pattern and fabric if you have it.  If you are not sure what pattern or fabrics to bring, come to your lesson and we will talk about how to choose these things and start from there.  If you don't have any of these things yet, I will supply you with a beginner's shopping list and some ideas for how to start for less money.     

It is your responsibility to supply all patterns, fabrics, stabilizers, threads, and accessory items for embellishment or closure after the first lesson. If you forget a tool or want to see how something is used before buying it, I can share, but I do not keep extra consumable goods for student use.

Like all skills, you will need to practice if you want to improve.  I can guide you through any project, but by making mistakes and trying on your own you will gain confidence.  We will also discover where you need guidance to develop better skills and not waste time

doing things that you already know how to do. My goal is for you to sew independently, with confidence, knowing that there are resources available to you to answer questions when necessary.

I am looking forward to helping you meet your sewing goals.


Helpful Hints and Ideas 


I decided that it was time to add a new page and share some of my teaching and random thoughts about quilting, sewing and other home decorating ideas. Since I started my career as a family sciences and consumer education teacher, I hope to pass along some of my wisdom to those who might need support in that direction, but mostly this will serve my own need to keep track of ideas.  If you have questions about quilting or sewing or any other random stitchery or household thing, please know I will address your issues privately when I can.    If you have something you would like to share, please use my contact page to write me. 

 Memorial Teddy Bears and Memory Quilts, Sewing Lessons, Hand Embroidery, Machine quilting,  Repairs and alterations.  

This quilt came to me as a small throw with the need to be made bigger as well as fix some sewing mistakes that had made it unusable by the owner. By adding some scrappy strips around the edges, it is now big enough to fit on a bed and happily used.

This quilt frame is from the early 1900's.  It was purchased on a household sale or given to my grandmother after a house fire destroyed everything they owned. Today I use it to hand quilt and tie quilts as well as to teach others how to use their own antique equipment. Grandma was a wonderful quilter who inspired me to learn.  It is in her memory that I continue to quilt and teach others.